Small Talk Ideas: Washington D.C. Politics | Big Sports News

Let’s Small Talk About: Washington D.C. Politics | Big Sports News

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Thursday proved that some of the best small talk material comes from the daily news. This was a HUGE news day. The Supreme Court ruled on Obama Care, Congress votes the Attorney General in contempt… it’s NBA draft day… and Rafael Nadal lost in the 2nd round of Wimbledon. This just in — here’s today’s Small Talk Daily’s newsworthy content…

Conversation Starters:  Washington D.C.
Big day in Washington D.C., which can make for some very spirited conversation. Of course controversy and small talk are not always best friends. It’s often best to small talk with topics that don’t stir up anger and emotion, especially if you don’t know where the other person stands on a subject. Yet you can still use the topic to talk in general terms, or to spin off in other directions.

  • “So, quite a big day in Washington. What caught your attention?”
  • “Are there any politicians that you trust?”
  • “What did you think about the Supreme Court’s ruling?”

And here’s some Supreme Court Trivia:

  • George Washington appointed the most Supreme Court justices (11). Only Franklin D. Roosevelt came close, with 9 appointments.
  • William H. Taft was the only president to also serve as a Supreme Court justice.
  • Jimmy Carter is the only president to serve a full term without nominating a Supreme Court justice.
  • Only two Supreme Court Justices have been featured on U.S. currency: Salmon P. Chase on the $10,000 bill and John Marshall on the $500 bill. Marshall was replaced on the $500 bill by William McKinley before all such large currency bills were discontinued in 1969.

Current Events:  Sports
For serious basketball fans, NBA draft day is big news because they want to see who their team is getting to help them in the future. But to really know the names of the draftees, you have to be a serious fan. In tennis, almost everyone has heard of Rafael Nadal. The classic Wimbledon tournament is happening right now near London, and Nadal lost in the 2nd round, a very surprising result.

  • “Are you following the NBA draft?”
  • “How do you think (your team) did in the NBA draft?”
  • “Are you watching the Wimbledon coverage?”
  • “Did you see where Nadal lost in the 2nd round?”

And a little Wimbledon tennis trivia…

  • Wimbledon is the only major tennis tournament still played on grass. Both the Australian Open and US Open were once played on grass.
  • There are more than 200 ball boys and ball girls used to collect tennis balls during Wimbledon. To become a ball boy or ball girl, you are required to train eight hours a week for four months before the start of the tournament.
  • The longest tennis match in history was played between between American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon on June 22-24, 2010. The first-round match took 11 hours and 5 minutes over three days, lasting so long it was suspended because of darkness two nights in a row. The match was won by Isner.

Joke of the Day:

From David Letterman on the NBA Draft…
“The Knicks will take the best athlete available. That’s the Knicks’ position on this. We will take the best athlete available. And so will Kim Kardashian.”

Have a good talk!

–The Small Talk Daily Team

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